Traditionally, Bangkok and Nepal have always been the most popular tourist destinations in Asia. The beaches and nightlife of Thailand and the magnificence of the Himalayas in Nepal have always drawn tourists to the country. Recently, however, even Vietnam is being recognized as a tourist-friendly nation.

The Southeast Asian country has a rich culture and history. It’s known for the grand colonial architecture, built by the French colonizers and the stunning traditional architecture of the indigenous temples. If you plan on visiting, you should start with the country’s capital, Hanoi. It’s the country’s second largest city by population, behind only Ho Chi Minh City. There are many sights to see and places to explore in the capital city. Notable sights that you start with would be Long Bien Bridge and the Hanoi Opera House.

As with any travel journey, you should plan out the details of the trip before you go. This means finalizing a date, booking air tickets, choosing a hotel to stay at and deciding where to eat. Another important consideration which you’ll have to make pertains to traveling within the city. Most people don’t really give this point much thought because they assume that Taxis are the only form of transportation that’s available. However, while this may be true in other places, it’s far from reality in Hanoi. There are a number of ways to get around the city. In addition to standard Taxis, there are also bike Taxis and “cyclos.” What they all have in common, though, is that in the case of each option you need to find a vehicle and then bargain with the driver at the end of the ride. Wouldn’t it be a lot better if you had your own vehicle? Thankfully, this is possible in Hanoi.


There are a number of motorcycle rental shops in Hanoi that exist to serve the needs of foreigners. These shops allow you to rent a bike for a fixed duration of time to ride around in the city. Within that period, you’re free to ride the bike to wherever you like. You can use the rented motorbike to visit every tourist site in the city. The possibilities are endless. Even though there’s a large number of shops which offer Hanoi rentals, pricing is generally pretty even across the board. Still, you should inquire about the rates from a few different shops before you decide to rent from one. How much you’ll be charged will depend on how powerful the bike is and how long you’ll rent it for.


One thing which potential riders must keep in mind is that you need to be physically fit and healthy to be able to ride your motorcycle effectively in Vietnam. Hanoi can be a difficult city to ride in due to how crowded it is and how narrow the streets are. There are often many motorcycles vying for space on the road. If you’re not healthy, you won’t be in shape to handle the challenges of riding. That’s why should stick to eating healthy food and adopt healthy and hygienic habits in the days leading up to your trip to Hanoi. This will ensure that it’ll go smoothly and you won’t feel overwhelmed by the challenge.