How does it feel when for every hospital visit, you have to give your personal information. In the healthcare system, this might be dangerous, there will be poor tracking of a patients’ health progress leading to drug resistance or even misdiagnosis since the symptoms might be a drug reaction rather than a new health challenge. What happens during emergencies where you have to get a patient through the medical alert system? In developed countries, the digitization of the system allows easy follow-up of a patient in any health facility- the reason for low mortality rate.

The newly improved healthcare database system not only guides the patient but also the management of the health institutions to make reports and critical decisions based on statistical data. How will you know the most commonly dispense drug? This system allows you to make the right financial decisions by stocking most of the common drugs in the area to avoid keeping drugs for long which expire leading to wastage and this could help for improvement of projects. 

Health surveys and statistical analysis are based on data collected on the ground. The Newly improved healthcare database system goes a notch higher to incorporate applications from web developers through third party integration to enhance their services. In as much as a patient requires a personalized treatment, the doctor may most have prior knowledge on some of the illnesses especially the outbreaks and humanitarian health crisis. The system comes in handy to help in health research and come up with accurate findings for health interventions.

The recent outbreak of Ebola in West African countries is a good example of the role of the newly improved healthcare database system. Medical experts were able to involve the international community to act as a guide on the best intervention.

The recent HIV/AIDS menace allows manufacturers of Anti-Retroviral Therapy treatments to produce the right quantity of the medications to avoid shortage for it is a terminal medication measure. In addition, it gives the health workers the trend in the treatment plans for further dissemination to relevant authorities to make an order to maintain the supplies.

Newly improved healthcare database system makes a health professional to have a comprehensive outlook of the patient. Even if for one reason or another a new doctor comes on board, from the system, he can have a report of prescriptions, interventions, the number of hospital visits allowing a patient to continue his treatment with ease despite the change.

The data allows citizens to be part of the goal of improving health care system and management of the functions in the healthcare institutions. How will you even know when to have a strategic plan and expand your hospital? Do you just work from hearsays or you have factual information to back up your reason for improvement? How will you know you are making losses or profits? How do you even know statistical data on the number of patients in your health institution? When are your peak and low seasons and the underlying factors leading to that? All these come because of the knowledge of patients’ data from the newly improved healthcare database system.