The moment a nurse has an infection due to poor health, then his immune system is suppressed making him/her susceptible to bacteria and fungi infections. Remember they handle patients with different diseases, this slows down the healing process. When I took a great CNA class online, there was a warning, if a nurse is not in good health, he/she should avoid practical lessons that involved dealing with patients.


Based on experiences from some nursing schools which do not conform to this guideline; why not learn in Virginia nursing school renowned for following rules and regulations to the latter. You have to undergo a comprehensive health assessment from a renowned practitioner to uncertain whether you are fit to undergo a nursing course in the

prestigious nursing schools. An unhealthy nurse is a threat to the entire class. Imagine of a TB patient in a nursing class, before you notice, it is a viral post on social media platforms. Every stakeholder in the health sector will be outraged to ensure prompt action is taken on the patient and the nursing institution. The nursing school will be under threat of closure and have a low admission of students just because of such a scenario.


In Virginia, ignorance on such a safety regulation leads to a hefty fine and long court battles, which have a negative financial implication on the health institution. Naturally, when you are unhealthy, your productivity level is reduced. You cannot run around the emergency department to save lives of the wounded. On a deeper perspective, how can you treat a patient to have good health, while you are struggling with your own? It is an unconscious move not to give your best to the patients when you are in bad shape health wise.


An unhealthy nurse is a time bomb to his patients since their immune system is compromised, they can easily transfer infection to the patients. Some could be children who naturally have a low immunity, so you realize a patient just came for a check up, but the fact that he is handled by an unhealthy nurse he develops other health complications.


Quality delivery in health care and handling patients need an open mindset. As long as a nurse is unhealthy, he is not mentally stable. It could be a terminal illness, hopelessness and guilt fill her mind. Here he is, he needs to administer drugs. In such a state, full of stress and depression in worst cases, he is prone to make a mistake which may be fatal. He can give an under dose or an overdose to a patient.


Nursing schools or health institutions should have a clear policy about their students and employees on how to handle such cases for the benefit of both parties. Let the decision conform to the human right policies and labor relations organizations.


Good health is not just risky for nurses but for everyone who has to handle people. There are some illnesses that are manageable using drugs, while other through lifestyle. Ensure the nurses have the right support system without discrimination.